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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi description

There! I feel exactly like Hermoine! Every one is happy with this book except for me! I feel like a stranger! Disappointed and heartbroken :(

Ok. To be honest, I enjoyed it at first and I was feeling happy and fortunate to read it, but when I finished it I felt really really really really bad!!! I expected this book to be better! I read a huge number of positive and encouraging reviews of it before I started reading it and I was hoping to LOVE it and to enjoy every word and every letter and every empty space! -- but, unfortunately, I didn't! And that, literally, SHATTERED ME!!

I enjoyed some parts! But I wasn't looking for just "enjoying" some parts!! I wanted to fall in love with the WHOLE BOOK! to add it to my all-time-favorites list! Now, I feel really disappointed.

The book was full of unnecessary boring metaphors and with too-many-kissing-and-cuddling-scenes!! Even when they were in the middle of a fight they were kissing and hugging like they're in a bedroom not in a battlefield! That was really disgusting and frustrating! Furthermore, the flow of events was very-boringly-slow!!!! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!

I don't know weather I should read Unravel Me and Ignite Me or not! I think I'm gonna read short summaries of them both next month! I won't stand reading another Shatter Me novel anymore!!!! I'm done!