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وعاظ السلاطين
علي الوردي

The Waste Land

The Waste Land - T.S. Eliot, Michael North The Waste Land is one of the greatest works of poetry in the 20th century.
Indeed, this poem passes every description, and goes beyond words. It's the truest, the prettiest, and the most touching poem ever.
It's a magnificent depiction of our "modern" world which is sinking in a huge pool of mud. In this world, we - modern people - are confusing beauty with ugliness. We love ugliness and we hate, truly hate, beauty!

Unexpectedly, this poem, with all it's anger, brings to us a very thin straw of hope eventually. In spite of everything, that true holiness which God gave us is still there - somewhere deep inside our hearts waiting to rise.
Maybe that tremendous pain we feel now in this horrible "modern" world is just some kind of preparation for a new life, a new birth? Our great writer T. S. Eliot hopes so. And we hope that too.
" Shantih .. Shantih .. Shantih "

This poem is a must read. I highly recommend it.