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The Emigrant

The Emigrant - Lyubov Dostoyevskaya description

[No one can sing well, play well, or write well, without living through moments of the deepest pain and anguish. Every real talent has known times of torturing depression when the heart in its agony has cried out to God : "Why hast Thou forsaken me? What have I done that I should suffer so ?" And then, at the very darkest moment, suddenly, the veil is torn from their eyes! Truth, with her flaming torch, stands before them, and they understand that God sends them suffering to strengthen and ennoble their talent, that it may touch men's hearts and show to tired wanderers on earth glimpses of heaven]

I’m really happy to be the first one to read and review this book here.

The writer of this book is Lyubov Dostoyevskaya (the second daughter of my favorite writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky). You could not imagine my happiness when I knew about this book.


The Emigrant, is a story of a 30-40 years old Russian woman in Italy. It takes you deep into the mentality of a lost person who does not know what to do with her life or what to think or believe. She’s afraid of love and, because she’s 30 years old and not so pretty, she thinks that no one would ever want to marry her or even be friends with her. Also, she’s going through a religion dilemma – she strongly believes in God, but she doesn’t know what He wants and how she’s supposed to worship Him (she doesn’t know whether she should be a nun, or to live a normal life with other people). When she finally decides to get into a convent, her Russian friend tells her:

“Actually, all such institutions are quite contrary to Christian ideals, for Christ's teaching, above all else, enjoins activity”

The message of this novel is for everyone to be balanced. You can not fulfill happiness in your life if you were an extremist. you should be a nunpriest and you should enjoy your life normally with other people. This is real happiness. Unfortunately, Irene (the protagonist) couldn’t do that!

I enjoyed reading this novel. but obviously It wasn't as beautiful as I expected (you know, she is Dostoyevsky's daughter so I thought I would be reading something like Crime and Punishment!!! silly me!!!).

Dostoyevsky's Family: Anna (his wife), Lyubov (his daughter - the writer of this book), and Fyodor (his son)