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Adultery: A novel

Adultery: A novel - Paulo Coelho description

Well, I think that I liked and hated this book!
It's not awesome. It's not GREAT. It's just good ... and bad!!
There are so many things that I didn't like, and there are things that I really liked.


What I liked is the idea of redemption. Everyone of us deserve a second chance. We're neither Angels nor demons. We're humans, and being a human means being a sinner.

What I didn't like (pretty much hated actually!!!):
1. Spending so many pages talking about other books and providing us with their plot summaries! Such as Frankenstein.
2. Writing an entire book (more than 200 pages) to deliver a very simple message, which could've been delivered in one chapter or even less!

I felt that the last chapter is the most important chapter. It's the chapter that conveys the whole idea. All of the previous chapters seemed a waste of ink and paper to me! That's why I felt that Paulo was probably aiming, not for adding a genuine work of literature to the world's library, but, unfortunately, for MONEY by publishing this book!