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The Gambler

The Gambler - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Constance Garnett, Gary Saul Morson description


“Tomorrow, tomorrow—Ah, but if only I could set things right tomorrow, and be born again, and rise again from the dead!”

The Gambler is hoping that he can change someday! "Tomorrow, maybe!" He says. Then, tomorrow comes and nothing happens! "Ok .. No problem! I'll change .. Tomorrow!" And tomorrow comes ... Nothing changes! Eventually, The Gambler knows that: “Yes, my nature is my weak point”!
Then, he keeps doing mistakes over and over again! And he keeps hoping that someday "tomorrow" he'll change! That's Dostoyevsky's wretched Gambler!


What is a Gambler? What does Dostoyevsky want to tell us?
You know, I think he wants us to know that we're all Gamblers! Our nature is our weak point!
I think Dostoyevsky wants to give us a massage:

"If you're not satisfied with who you are, If you know exactly what your weak point is, If you want to change something, then you must stand up and change it right now! Don't depend on false hopes! Don't delay! Because eventually you'll regret every minute you wasted in vain"

This novel is very good. I enjoyed it -- not as much as I enjoyed Dostoyevsky's other novels, though. Dostoyevsky has a very unique style. He's, definitely, my favorite writer :) :)

I wouldn't recommend this novel for someone who's never read Dostoyevsky before!