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Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Thus Spoke Zarathustra - Walter Kaufmann, Friedrich Nietzsche description
Well, I didn't expect that .. AT ALL!!
I thought I'd love this book! What happened?! Damn it!
Zarathustra! Please man! You were such a boring little prophet!

Look, to be honest, I liked many lines in this book. I marked and even memorized them. But the book as a whole was a BIG disappointment :(
The main - and only - idea, was that: Zarathustra believes God is dead. So, he seeks to wake the Superman up. And that Superman is supposed to be God. All humans are capable of being Supermen. So, theoretically speaking, everyone of us is a God-to-be!
Further more, Zarathustra hates emotions, and he wants us to hate them as well. He hates it when people help each other.
I think he would love to see people fucking each other instead!! Cuz, you know, he doesn't want us to be Supermen - no, he want us to be Superfucks! That's his message: a world with no love ( that's how I see it ).

I'm very angry and disappointed at this moment! I thought this book would be one of my favorites!
Damn you Zarathustra! You spoiled my fun!