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The Innocents Abroad

The Innocents Abroad - Mark Twain description
Oh Quaker City! I miss you already!

This excursion is just Great!
And Mark Twain is just Hilarious!
It's the first travel book I read and I think it'll be the best.

What I liked the most about Twain is that he was really honest. He didn't act like an arrogant educated person who describes everything in a scientific organized way! No, he was normal and simple. He praised his fellow travelers and criticized them spontaneously. He even criticized himself!

“Originally it was advertised as a "pleasure excursion." Well, perhaps, it was a pleasure excursion, but certainly it did not look like one; certainly it did not act like one”
“The advertised title of the expedition—"The Grand Holy Land Pleasure Excursion"—was a misnomer. "The Grand Holy Land Funeral Procession" would have been better—much better.”

These are the lines which summarizes Twain's view about the excursion. Reading them you can get a general idea about the book.
But after all he says:
“It is all over now; but when I look back, the idea of these venerable fossils skipping forth on a six months' picnic, seems exquisitely refreshing”
It's a great experience.

I never read Twain before. This book made me love him. And for that I thank my dear friend Noor Baher for she is the one who recommended it.
And for me, I recommend it too for everyone who wants to have a lot of "LOL" moments!