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Anna Grigoryevna Dostoyevskaya, خيري الضامن
وعاظ السلاطين
علي الوردي

Monroe: Her Life in Pictures

Monroe: Her Life in Pictures - James Spada description


“Now it is all at an end. I hope that her death will stir sympathy and understanding for a sensitive artist and woman who brought joy and pleasure to the world.”

RIP poor Marilyn.
My heart aches! I feel I'm connected to her somehow. This woman lived a victim and died a victim.
You know, to me, Marilyn is more of a fictional character than a real person! A beautiful imaginary angel! I can't even imagine she ever existed! I think I'm gonna dream of her tonight. Her face will haunt my dreams for a very long time.


At the height of her fame and glory, Marilyn writes:

“What am I afraid of? Why am I so afraid? Do I think I can’t act? I know I can act but I am afraid. I am afraid and I should not be and I must not be. Fuck!”

When you read such notes, and when you look at Marilyn's deep sad eyes, you'll think she's a very complicated person. But in fact she's the complete opposite!
One of her friends (Montand) said:

“I was too tender and thought that maybe she was as sophisticated as some of the other ladies I have known. I’ve never known anyone quite like Marilyn Monroe. She is known throughout the world, but she is still a child”


I can say now that I'm officially obsessed with Marilyn Monroe.