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Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters - Marilyn Monroe, Stanley Buchthal, Bernard Comment, Joyce Carol Oates description


In her funeral, Lee Strasberg said:

“We, gathered here today, knew only Marilyn—a warm human being, impulsive and shy, sensitive and in fear of rejection, yet ever avid for life and reaching out for fulfillment”

I think these are the best words to describe who Marilyn really was.

I couldn't suppress my tears when I was reading this book.
Marilyn Monroe is the saddest person I've ever known. She says: “I seek joy but it is clothed with pain”
And she cries: “Help Help
I feel life coming closer
when all I want
is to die.”

It pains me to read her notes knowing that she never intended to have them published.

I loved Marilyn very much when I read her wonderful autobiography My Story and now after I finished reading her private notes and letters I feel like she is ... me! She touched my soul.
From this book I learned something new and very special about Marilyn, she loves reading and she's obsessed with books! This made me love her even more. She loves classics [which is my favorite genre] and Khalil Gibran Is one of her favorite authors.

I highly recommend this book, along with My Story, to each and everyone of my friends. Marilyn is truly a legend.

This is Marilyn Monroe's favorite photo of herself